Sargy Mann the blind painter

Just watch this documentary made by the artist’s son. Watching it and hearing what Sargy Mann has to say as he is painting, I can see myself having the same conversation in my head as I paint. I can see why he continues to paint despite the blindness and doesn’t just turn to Sculpture. A painter’s perception of places and objects is so different from a sculptor’s vision If you are a painter I really recommend this film – Sargy Mann

I knew Sargy Mann briefly as  a tutor at Camberwell  where I did my foundation year.  My very  first class was a drawing class held by Sargy Mann and as we walked in we were confronted by a sea of crumpled up paper which filled the whole room.  We were to draw this and I remember hating it.  How do you draw a roomful of  crumpled paper. Of course, you weren’t meant to draw the paper and thus our first lesson – take in the whole and make up the rest in between with observation of light and tone.  I am still learning

In addition to the film which is wonderful, is a very good interview with the artist in 2010, 5 yrs after he went blind totally and he was still painting.  –  Sargy Mann, the blind painter of Peckham

So its half way through  the year and I have done very little actual painting or drawing. However that is about to change as I am going to start some still life paintings based on some Garden Gnomes Gordon has acquired over the years.  Initially I just brought them up to repaint before putting them back in the garden. But sitting on my table as I have been writing status updates on Facebook, I just have an irresistible urge to make some  paintings on them. I am hopeful I will be more successful this time.