about me

Born in London 1957.

1974-76 Camberwell Saturday Morning classes for Secondary schools – drawing and sculpture
1976 – Foundation Course – Camberwell School of Art and Crafts
1977-1980 – BA(hons) Fine Art  – Bath Academy of Art
1992-1994 – Post grad diploma Art Therapy – Edinburgh School of Art Therapy

Since leaving college, I have always continued with my artwork, painting, embroidery and mixed media, whatever media suits my needs at the time. There is no big artist statement. I enjoy doing what I am doing at the time. This week I might paint, draw, sew or bead. Sometimes I sculpt if that is what is needed.


  1. Jacqui, I think I am also lost in Plfugerville >smile< I have been trying to find me for a long time. Beads are the medium that allows me to create as I have always wanted/needed to even tho I have no formal education in Art
    I look forward to seeing more of what your creative energy leads you to create…



  2. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks so much for visiting and your lovely comments.
    Your right I didn’t go to art college, which is a regret in some ways because I’m always worried my work is not valid,If that makes sense.
    I can’t live with out being creative so I just do my own thing!
    I’m glad I joined the embellisher group now, it’s great to meet you.x



  3. thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Like you I am a 50 something expat who originally came from England (lived in Wembley many years), and LOVED staying home to raise my kids. I took my first formal oil painting class at 40 and while always creative art classes really opened a door for me. good luck with your creative journey and may it bring you same joy it has me.
    regards Corrine aka Jafabrit



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