I started to quilt at the beginning of 2018, and at the moment, it is my main interest. I started with a Quilt-as-you-go project by Leah Day. After that, I joined the local quilt guild, and my passion for this has only grown in the 3 yrs I have been seriously doing quilting. I am now doing art quilts. These are not for a bed but as wall hangings, much like paintings and tapestry.

Complete full sized quilts

I followed a pattern in a class or online for these quilts. I called my first quilt the Oops, as it was my first attempt at making a quilt, and it was a disaster. I was following a book, and I am pretty dyslexic following instructions in a book. I do not understand diagrams, a reason I am not sewing garments or constructing wooden forts! The next one was a quilt as you go quilt following a series of videos on YouTube by Leah Day. The videos were more to do with quilting rather than block making. My 3rd quilt was made in a class held by a local quilt store. The quilting was done after the class and designed by myself. In between making the quilt top from this class and then quilting it. Finally, I followed a couple of quilt-along videos published weekly on YouTube by the Fat Quarter Shop and Pat Sloan. I have yet to quilt the Pat Sloan quilt top. That will be the last big quilt I plan to do, and I will quilt it using the Westalee quilting rulers. The Wonder Woman quilt was quite a challenge as the pattern was different from the image provided.

Small Art Quilts

These all varied in size and were done as I was making the larger quilts. These are all my design and the way I plan to continue in the future.

Small art quilts following a class online

These are all small art quilts I made following an online course as I learnt to use new techniques which will allow me to develop as a quilter.