Middle of November progress report

I was on James Hobbs blog  and click on his link to my blog. I was shocked to see I hadn’t posted anything since 4th July and even more shocking nothing to show for it.

Part of that is because I moved my painting studio from the laundry room and my craft room to the unused bunk room which is massive (20ft x30ft approx).  So that took a while. Then in September we went on a home visit to Scotland and France . Whilst I was there, my eldest daughter announced her engagement and her wedding date – 29th October.!    From the time I got back to her wedding day I was making 285 or slightly more flags to make into banners for her. I never want to see or make another triangle. It was more than worth all the effort though. 🙂

My flags the happy couple with the flags in background.

In that time my father-in- law came to visit so no painting in that time. 😦

However, I did enter a local contest and my painting of  tin Bird with black ground was accepted. I had entered the drummer painting and put the Bird in as whim so was completely surprised when it was accepted.  Have never had anything accepted before, so was pretty chuffed even if was just for the local art association.  Maybe next year I will enter a bigger competition, if I ever get back to painting!  Alas the drummer boy was not accepted 😦

Painting in frame – Study in black – Tin Bird