Almost back to square one

as the piece I was working on for the Matchbox Museum turned out to be too big to be folded effectively. I could fold it into the tiny little box  14mm X 37mm X 45mm as I did a mock-up but I couldn’t show any of the picture.  I knew this would be an issue a few weeks ago but I am like dog with a bone, so continue on with it. Now I have to rethink the whole thing over the next few days but I have a gleam of an idea, so I think it might be possible.

Anyway, I have a work that I am reasonably happy with as it was based on a still life set up and I was able to move away from that, to create another image which is the way I want to go. Here is the set up:




I am not good at angles so I used modern technology and printed the image to get the chair and tea set. I used the back drop as a guide.  I then used  2 tea towels the kids had printed at primary school where all the kids drew a ‘portrait’ of themselves.  I placed images from the back drop that seem relevant to the kids when they were younger.  I decided to enlarge the butterfly (a paper butterfly from a hobby store) as it seemed good way to unite the back ground and foreground Also the butterfly to me symbolises that time is fleeting, especially childhood.  I was  tempted to move away from the 2 tone colour of the paper butterfly and paint it as a Monarch which is the common butterfly around here and disappearing .  That wouldn’t have worked as it would have made the butterfly too dominant and it was already pretty much in your face!   In the set up the daisies are scattered (and paper) but a memory flashed in my mind of the happy times I spend as child and a mother making daisy chains.  The chair in the painting is my baby chair and has served as a play chair for me and my children and now for my grand-daughter. gillian and Jacqueline 001_edited-1The tea set belongs to my grand-daughter and like me as a child, she loves to make tea for her Mummy and Nanna.

I have finished with this although as normal I am tempted to fiddle with it. That is the reason I stopped, as I getting too fussy with details and getting too tight.  Also having a deadline helped.



Finished Painting – 30cm X 36cm acrylic on Rice paper coated with acrylic gesso.