legs and proportion

The life drawing session was a little more successful today but still need a lot of practice.  Legs and foreshortening very much a problem. Proportion also all over the shop.  I have never been into using my pencil or any other device to work out the distance between the head, legs , arms etc.  Occasionally I will use my pencil or drawing implement to judge an angle but  I find measuring a bit hap hazarded, as I  tend to bob around as I draw. If you are measuring you need to be conscious of your positioning.

As to the legs and foreshortening issue , that is just a matter of keep studying what I see is wrong and maybe actually look at an anatomy book for artists once in a while.  Think I will also go back to my old habit of  copying drawings of artists who could draw. Anyway, practice and by the end of the year, I might be getting somewhere.




First long pose, I missed most of the warm up quick sketches so I wasn’t warm up properly.  Like an athlete, you have to warm up before you start any longer poses.


2nd  pose 45 mins, better than the seated pose from last week but legs wrong again.


3rd and final pose 40 mins. Fairly happy with the left leg but the right leg is totally wrong and lacks any substance.  Arms are also completely wrong. Left arm lacks any structure. Right arm way too small and again, no structure.