The New year starts and the anxiety kicks in

So I have actually started a still life – on 3rd Jan.  Set up the still life in a burst of enthusiasm on 31st Dec . Set up an easel on 1st.  Then the anxiety set in and last night it got so bad I couldn’t sleep.  So I got as far as a rough sketch in pastels. They are my issue at the moment because Gordon bought me them as Christmas gift after my bout of excitement with them before the festive season started. Looking at the big box of colours, 60, I suddenly thought what do I do with them!

So today, the 4th, I abandoned the pastels and taking up the brush.  Still anxious but I know I will get over this.  Need to be quck before flowers are completely dead!!!!


Yes, I know, blue sticking tape is not going to help. Brown tape on my shopping list tomorrow.  Once I have completed the underpainting I will use the pastels again. Monday I start my new shift so most days from 9-5 I am free to do what I want, so no excuses this year but there will be.


    1. Thanks Heather. I managed paint all the surface yesterday, about to tackle it again. Painted the blue tape a grey/beige colour so that should help as the blue was definitely impacting the tones I used yesterday.


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