Bobbin Lace

Has taken over my creative juices it seems which means I haven’t actually been painting as I intended this month. Its already 21st July and I have done exactly 1 painting plus started a fabric/paper collage to cover a painting that went no-where in June. Like the painting, that has been on my easel for a good 2 weeks waiting for inspiration!

above are my bobbin lacing efforts for the last month. The pink and cream one took for ever with numerous unpickings. However since that one, I seem to have at least mastered the basic stitches.One of the things that made it easier was actually learning to understand the pattern diagram which is to the left of bookmarks. However most patterns/prickings apparently are not as detailed with most being a series of dots and squiggles to indicate the pattern. If I can master that I will be an expert!  My next one is a fan edge in one colour which will be a challenge as it will not be so easy to see the mistakes.

This is what I aiming for, particularly freeform bobbin lace like the dog above.Examples from the lacing group I attend.

These are my two efforts for the month when I was not lacing.  I really want to master water colour but I think I need to get the lacing bug out of my system for the time being.

I haven’t done any plein air work recently.  Due to grass watering  and dog walking, its about 11am before I am even ready to consider painting and the weather the last month has just been too hot by that time to be outside. Although there have only been 11 days of 100f/38c so far, the heat index due to the humidity has be well above 100f since the middle of June. It currently 12.10 pm and already at 100 but feels like 107f (42c)We have another month or so of these temps so I don’t see me going out to paint in the near future.  By then, I am sure my current enthusiasm for bobbin lace will have dissipated a little and I will welcome the chance to paint out in the cool below 80f temps.

That’s all for this month!