I am in one of those ‘Meh’ periods again

I have come to the conclusion I definitely going in the wrong direction with my work at the moment. If something is taking me forever to complete, its usually because I am not happy with what I am doing. The Jakarta placemat project is not going very far at the moment. I have found other things where I can block out any creative decisions. At the moment, its is trying to organise my google photos so I can print them out and create a scrapbook of memories, instead of them lingering aimless in some cloud. Life is very blah at the moment. We don’t eat out, we don’t really do anything and has been 3 yrs since I was able to visit London. I am

Even Instagram is not interesting me at the moment and that is my favourite app! That’s it really, just an update.

Oor Multicultural Wullie at Edinburgh airport June 2019, our last trip back to Scotland.