I am working on this




and not very well. In fact it would be more like working on avoiding this painting. I am just not happy with it but I am loath to give up on it. I will give it another week and see what develops as I think I have found a solution.

I have worked on it since this image and  the little daisy flowers and stars have gone.  In the original form, it was just a green ground in the front but it just seem too much.  But the small daisies and  beads I had in my stash, seemed too small so I scrapped them.

To be honest I placed the Buddha too centrally and the green cloth too high up.  So on Friday, I went to the local Hobby Lobby and looked for inspiration which I found in the scrap-book aisles. Paper flowers.   It seems to work but will my painting skills be up to it.  I have been working in the water solvable oil paints I got a few months back.  I am not keen on them. I think I will stick to acrylics from now on.

Once I have finished this painting, I am going to stop doing the fixed still life format and draw things around the house that inspire my interest and then translate them into a painted image. This will give me more flexibility to maneuver the objects and create a more dynamic image.  I am looking forward to shaking things up and hopefully I will not be avoiding the studio so much.

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