Final class

Well, Thursday was the last class and to be honest it was a dud 😦

The instructor show us how to use acrylic medium with a photocopy to make a direct transfer, except it didn’t exactly work (for the instructor or myself).  And I have tried it several times since and not really had much success with the process.  Basically you coat the surface of your support with acrylic medium and then place your photocopy onto the surface.  Smooth it down and let dry.  This is where it becomes complicated as then you have peel back the image to see the transfer.  If you do it too soon the toner does not have enough time to sink in and if, as I did, you leave it several hours, you end up with a distinctly blurred contact as not all the paper lifts off.   Basically you wet the paper and rub, however, If you rub too hard you lift off the image.  I have not found a happy middle ground with the timing of this process.

So that has been a bust so far but there are plenty of video around, so I will work on this. The other part of the class was rubbing off the paper from the gel images we had been creating over the last few weeks.  This is very tedious and I think so far I have only managed to get the paper off completely from 2 images.  You can see you have missed places until the image has dried and the white fiber fuzz left behind become apparent.  Again videos on youtube are available and I will be working on this as well.

So above was written more than 10 days ago and since then I have bought more materials. I plan to investigate the mediums myself and I have also bought a whole load of golden fluid acrylics instead of my usual golden artists colours in tubes. Hopefully they will be more fluid but more importantly coming in bottles rather than tubes, might make them seem a little less precious.



So now I need to figure out what to with this mess. It will be challenge to be sure but I will salvage it somehow.


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