Drummer finished

At the moment I am concentrating on Still Life subjects as with 100f weather outside, indoor work is the only viable option. Drummer will a series of 3 with a different character for each painting but with the same background. It will be interesting to see how different the pictures will appears with the same background. Presumably, although the colours of the background will be similar, the tone will be different due the colour of the ornament. Any way here is the finished Drummer Whilst working on the drummer, I was looking up info on different palettes and different coloured grounds to start with. The typical ground to start with is a brownish one with burnt Umber and white mixed together.  However, I came across a painter who used black with a very limited palette Р6 colours plus white.  This suited my plans as one of my problems with Drummer was my control over tone- often I just ended up with mud.  So using the black ground and a limited palette , I worked on the following paintings.

My first mistake with both paintings – they were too small!¬†¬† The bird is about 6×4 and vase with flowers ,is about 8×6.¬† Just because the subject matter is small, I have learnt, don’t assume you need a small work surface.¬† It made me way too fussy, getting lost in the detail and not seeing the whole.¬† That is why the vase is still floating in the air.

I liked working on these though as working black on black, I really had¬† to work hard to define the objects and think about the tones.¬† I don’t think I was completely successful but I was close.¬† Hopefully the next in the drummer series, will be more successful.

keeping up the sketching …..just

For me this is a good effort, hopefully it will become a daily practice with my new work schedule next week.  From next week I will only be working 4 hrs instead of 8 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus my shift on Thursday I have altered my shift to 4-8 like Tues and Weds.  Hopefully the regularity  will help me to keep focus.  Also I need to explore different themes in the evening.  When I was at college, I combined observation with my personal feeling plus graffiti. At the time it was a natural progression in my work and I was full of angst then.  These days my life has flatlined so much, it hard to have any feelings about it all.

the coffee table which I can see as I watch tv at night

I was walking through Gillieland Park, Pflugerville and it was last school day before summer. In the car park there were several school buses waiting as the kids spend the day in the swimming pool.

A five min drawing as we walk along the trail at Lake Georgetown

A short stop as I walked Angus, our dog

Not a flattering view but until the phone went, Gordon was pretty still as he slept on the sofa after work.